Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:02 AM
Tandem jumping entered sport parachuting in the mid-1980's. Prior to that time, the only way to make a skydive was to jump alone the very first time. With the advent of tandem, it has become possible to train and jump with a highly experienced instructor on your first skydive. When you make your tandem jump, you will be attached with a specially trained and rated skydiver called a "tandem instructor". Your tandem instructor will wear a parachute system that has double-sized main and reserve parachutes designed to safely support both you and him. Since your tandem instructor is there to handle the skydive, the instruction required before your first tandem jump takes only fifteen minutes of your time, as opposed to the four to five hours necessary for our solo first jump program.

No class instruction needed. Let us do all the work! You are attached with a Tandem Instructor and jump from 10,000+ feet above Wichita Kansas. You will freefall for 5,000 feet, then have a parachute ride down to a nice landing. This is the best way for someone who wants to try it once. Figure on spending half a day.
• Minimum age 18 (bring photo ID)
• Maximum weight 230 lb.
(we will weigh you)
• Prices
• Questions?
• You can also choose to have video of your jump!
You and your tandem instructor will exit the jump aircraft from 10,000 feet above ground level and will freefall for approximately thirty seconds. During freefall, your position under the tandem instructor will give you the full sensation of freefall skydiving. To memorialize your leap from the heavens, you can hire a freefall photographer to capture you on video and still photos. Once the parachute is opened, you and your tandem instructor will jointly steer the canopy toward the landing area. During the four or five minute descent under the open parachute, you can have a thrilling ride with spirals, dives, and stalls-or a peaceful, gentle descent-according to your preference. After landing, your tandem instructor will give you a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment.

Tandem jumps are the easiest way to safely enjoy the experience of a freefall skydive on your first jump. After your tandem jump if you wish to continue your training through our Instructor Assisted Deployment method you may receive a discount on the solo first jump course. If you are planning on making only one jump in your life or if you want to make a jump to see if you would like to get into skydiving - tandem training is for you!
Questions? Give us a call, or check our FAQ page.

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